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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Black Dicks Temple, Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - monument ruin

Beaumonts Bolt

Update: 13 January 2013. 
I was invited by PARANORMAL ENCOUNTERS (founder Agent Rob) a newly set up paranormal team in West Yorkshire to join them at Black Dick's Temple, earlier I said I couldn't make it, but later managed to get up there, apparently scaring the crap out of them as I turned up by surprise, they wondered who I was. 

You could see the temple all lit up from over a mile away, I was very impressed, all very professional, they had a generator running a laptop in a tent, with remote cameras and various other gadgets in abundance. The area they were investigating was locked off and they were viewing (recording) it remotely. 

Paranormal Encounters investigation - Black Dick's Tower

Many many years ago one of the team had seen a what they recalled was a full apparition, a man wearing tutor style clothes sat on a black horse, just looking at them, but later found no hoof marks. This prompted interest in the history of Whitley/Beaumont and the history of  Whitley Hall which was apparently near the site.  They are still reviewing the footage, although they admitted it was a little flat, other than the spikes they were getting from the electricity pylons nearby. But, earlier this week, a team member was up there alone and heard a very distinct growl in his ear.

On a freezing cold but sunny Sunday morning we decided to pay Black Dick’s Temple a visit which is situated in Hopton near Mirfield. The stone folly overlooks Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. You can see for miles in a 180 degree direction. As we walked up to the building. My husband told me that his grandfather used to be a look-out here in the Second World War; he was an enemy plane spotter at the temple, he and his family used to live in the area, but he said that he had never actually seen the building up close. As we looked around we were quite taken a back by the big hole in the centre of the temple where a floor used to be.  I precariously perched on the edge and sat taking EVP’s. The recordings didn’t come out very well for some reason so I couldn’t tell if I had caught any EVP’s or not. I waved my EMF meter about and I was about to get excited as I was getting some very high readings, but then I spotted the over head pylons.

Black Dick was born in 1574 ('Black Dick of the North' was a nickname given to him by King James I) or Sir Richard Beaumont is known to haunt the temple, he was the first cousin of Elizabeth I.  He was well known for his criminal activities, he was a gambler, a bad debtor and a highwayman who was involved in piracy to pay off his depts.
When Richard Beaumont found out one of his young servant girl  employees had got pregnant he murdered her, he was the one who got her pregnant! He was thought to have been killed in a tunnel near Huddersfield whilst in a duel in 1631.

To this day people report seeing the spectre of Black Dick most commonly on July 5th, on the day in which he died.

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