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Listed buildings are graded in each location in this blog. Eg. Grade I, II* II of grade I is of most importance. Grade A relates to Scotland. See BLB


Hi I'm Jules,  I am an open-minded fence-sitting skeptic. so go thread to the needle with everything.  So, are paranormal problems caused by dead people? Who knows! However the universe is a strange place and weird events do happen that cannot be explained by science..yet...

I am not a ghost hunter/paranormal investigator,  I just research these things with an open mind and have a basic qualification in parapsychology and use critical thinking.

My interest in the paranormal started in around 1996.

We have traveled the length and breadth of the UK" Unfortunately my 11 year old springer spaniel can't get in everywhere which can be a pain in the bum.

Paranormal Places UK is my own solo project, (previously called Jules Paranormal Tour), I am accompanied by my other half when we are out and about. We have our own two-wheeled accommodation, which allows us to travel around freely whenever we want, you can probably guess said vehicle ;)

I have been researching allegedly haunted places since 2005.

Enjoying reading and writing about alleged spectres that wander around our Isle. I like reading about the myths and legends, ghosts and their haunting's my other half is more into conspiracy theories and UFO hunting. Of course stories taken with a pinch-of-salt and is for our personal entertainment. I am not yet convinced that ghosts and spirits exist, so too beings from other worlds or dimensions.

Even after what has happened to me and some strange shit has happened to me, pardon the French,  I am not sure. I think for the most part it's wishful thinking, in particular people who go hunting for phenomena, a lot of it is misinterpretation and our evolutionary pattern seeking behavior allows us to see things that can be rationalized with simple psychology. Psychology plays a big role in paranormal related situations.  Science can't measure the 'paranormal' so what chance have the ghost hunters?

If find it ridiculous when I see people using EMF meters like the K2, rempods and such like in the hope they can communicate with the other side, it's really just silly to me, it proves absolutely nothing, except confirmation bias.

When I was sat next to my partner in the Galleries of Justice I heard a distinct growl in my ear, witnessed by a room full of people who heard the same thing! I was genuinely scared!! I have also heard laughing right beside me when no one was there, this was also witnessed by another person. But I can't say for certain what causes this phenomena, or that it is actually spirits of the dead, something odd is clearly going on.

This scratch just appeared on my arm at home, I felt a burning sensation all of a sudden. I have had this happen to me one more time when I was reading a book about the third pillar (which I don't believe in) I don't know what causes this or if it's anything paranormal, but it was very peculiar, I don't go in for all that demons and hell nonsense, but it was odd. However, I did have a cat at the time, I just may have just not noticed it scratching me or forgot about it. I am certain the cat didn't scratch me, she didn't scratch, she was a placid animal.

I have to remain skeptical, even my own odd subjective experiences.

With a general interest in the subject, I am not a paranormal investigator, nor am I particularly interested in following paranormal groups as the methods most use are 'Scientifical'. Respect to videographer Gary Jay, I like how he works; he goes in an environment open minded no gadget person, if he finds nothing he will say he has found nothing.  As a critically minded person I do not take anything at face value, I am like that in all walks of my life. As for the paranormal take into consideration all xenonormal and psychological/physiological factors and events. I read a lot about parapsychology and anomalistic psychology, but no way am I an expert, but who is?

I read once that there is no proven association between historical events and anomalous activity, which I tend to agree with, the old adage, if it's old and spooky, it must be haunted. I will always try and add a rational perspective to each narrative in this blog.

Statistically the majority of all paranormal-type events can be explained in rational terms, or are just subjective misperceptions/misinterpretations. Xenonormal, I like this word which was coined by a member of ASSAP (meaning, normal stuff that happens that looks like it's paranormal when it isn't) however, strange stuff occurs but it's hard to measure.  

At the end of the day, just enjoy the subject but go in with a critical eye.

With thanks to Parapsychologist Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe (SCOP)

The School of Parapsychology (Alumni 2008)
Directed by Psychologist/parapsychologist Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe PhD MSc


2003 - 2005 - 'The Shadows Finders' Just myself, and my good friend and scholarly writer and researcher Toby Ion (now sadly passed away).

2005 - Solo project 'Jules Paranormal Tour UK'

2008 - Joined 'The School of Parapsychology' with Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe.

2013 - I was invited to be part of a local group called 'The Official Most Haunted Experience' events company, but I declined their offer.

2014 - Solo project, changed from Jules Paranormal Tour to Paranormal Places UK 

2017 - I stopped looking for things that don't exist but still enjoy wandering around spooky old piles with my dog 'Spirit. I still continue to update my blog with new illustrations, stories and adding the 'odd' find whilst out on my travels.


Media appearences

I was contacted by Darren Hutchinson's Manchester based company Dreamscope Productions to partake in filming a brand new paranormal documentary called 'Into the Unknown' @DreamscopeTV.  (Darren is now on Most Haunted and is co-pro partner with Antix Productions). We did a piece to camera on the show from inside Levens Hall. 


Radio Leeds, live studio broadcast and across the way from the bbc studios at the Wardrobe jazz bar premises. Also live radio interview in the bbc studio.

On location with Look North (Leeds) with reporter Jamie Coulson (inside out) an over-night investigation and filming from a public house in Castleford (it was more spoof than spook) aired on TV at the end of the news.

Full investigation of Wakefield Opera House with another reporter.

Patron - Chris Jensen Romer (CJ23) ASSAP/SPR oldskool!!!

his media appearances include;

Ghost hunters UK, Most Haunted Live, Ghost Adventures, Great British ghosts. 

2018 - The Quiet Cyclist content creator and amateur videographer