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Thursday, 21 June 2018

A spooky walkabout - Hartshead churchyard, West yorkshire

Wow, hello well its been years since I did an edit for Jules Paranormal Tour, or as I call it these days, Paranormal Places UK. It's been very hard for me to get out to locations as we have had a change in lifestyle, we sold the van and my dog passed away and we got a new one who is a pain in the arse haha. But anyway, I have been very busy!! I am now a content creator on Youtube, so I am kinda moving in a different direction, hell who reads blogs anymore anyway! So this post might be a tiny dead fish in a big pond. In the past this blog was just photos and stories, but now I am putting little films together, this one is of Hartshead churchyard.

Now, locals believe in the legend of Robin Hood around these parts and his body is supposedly buried 0.7 miles away (I measured it) the story goes that he fired his arrow from the old yew tree in the graveyard and where the arrow landed thats where he would be buried, what an oxymoron! He is in a bloody graveyard haha..anyways...well the church probably didn't exist around his time, mind you the church does go back to the 11th century. Lots of local folklore myths and legends regarding his ghost, which is interesting, but I don't buy into it. It's a lovely little village is Hartshead and I went for a walk there recently and made this short trailer. Enjoy!!

I'll point you to another blog that has more indept knowledge:

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