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Monday, 27 June 2011


This is a photo I took in the grounds of Chatsworth House one evening, (click to enlarge) we had stayed on the estate for 5 days. At first I thought someone had left a football behind, but on checking my other shots taken seconds after it didnt appear in them. I think its a reflection from the interior light, or the courtyard light. Had me wondering for a short while.

Bess of Hardwick
Location: Chatsworth (Derbyshire) - Chatsworth House
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Late twentieth century?
Further Comments: Bess, who finished constructing her home around 1560, is one of several shades to haunt this house. Mary Queen of Scots is rumoured to walk where she was once held captive, while a grey lady and a white woman haunt other parts of the building. The library is haunted by a transparent figure which drifts from shelf to shelf. The bridge on the grounds is haunted by a screaming woman who was forced to watch her baby drowned after it was thrown into the river by her partner.

Just for laughs, night fisherman caught us a trout in the Derwent on the Chatsworth Estate "Be nice for thee tea will that, d'ya want it gutting? lol.

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