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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Plas Mawr, North Wales - Hall, house, manor, mansion

Plas Mawr

Name: Plas Mawr
Locality: 7, High St, Conwy LL32 8AN
Built: 1576-1585
Owner: Cadw
Grade I
Website: Cadw

We visited the exterior of Plas Mawr whilst on a visit to Conwy Castle.

Plas Mawr,  'The Great Hall' Conwy in Wales. The building wasn't hard to find, a gorgeous Tudor house built by Sir Robert Wynn (1576 1585) possibly the finest in Britain now owned by CADW who refused to give out any information regarding said ghostly inhabitants.

The story goes that, Sir Robert Wynn was away abroad fighting in a war and was due home anytime, his wife and young son waited for his return. They would repeatedly climb up the steps to the watch tower to see if he had returned home. With no sign of Wynn, they descended the precarious steep stairs again and again in the cold with a howling wind gusting around them.

Still holding on to her sons hand, she missed a step and lost her footing, they both fell all the way to the bottom.

Plas Mawr, Aberconwy - - 218747One of the male servants heard a commotion and went to investigate only to find his mistress and son badly injured. The family doctor could not be raised so a passing doctor came to their assistance but the young doctor didn't know what to do and shouted for a more experienced doctor, the servants refused to help and locked him in the lantern room with his patients. Wynns wife and child had died, stone cold Dr Dic panicked when he heard that Wynn had arrive at the house and there was no where to hide.

Wynn was distraught and was gunning for the young Dr but he had strangely disappeared in a room with no windows. Wynn searched and searched, pacing backwards and forwards with great despair. Frustrated, he couldn't find the Dr and couldn't cope with his loss, so he stuck a dagger into his own neck and killed himself.

Nobody new where Dr Dic had gone, people say that he may have crawled into the chimney space, but he was never found. Such a mystery!

Footsteps are sometimes heard pacing the lantern room in the dead of night, it is believed to be that of  Sir Robert Wynn, maybe his spirit still roams the house, presumably still looking for Dr. Dic.

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