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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Newland Village, Gloucestershire

Name: Church of All Saints (Cathedral of the forest)
Locality: Almshouses Road, Newland, Gloucestershire GL16 8NW
Built: 13th Century
Grade I
Website: Official

In this quiet historic village of Newland, you fail to miss the very tall skyscraper church that looks just like a cathedral that looms out of the trees.  Funnily enough it is called the 'Cathedral of the forest' the plaque on the walls says 'this church was built in 1200.    

Newland village is situated on the east side of the river Wye south-east of Monmouth. Opposite the church there is a road occupied by a row of almshouses where the local paupers lived, to purchase one of these today would be very costly indeed.

Whilst taking these photos, I leant on a gravestone to get the angle, as I did I sensed someone stood right behind me, thinking it was my other half I dismissed it until I turned round to find NO ONE WAS THERE !! 

Newland is allegedly haunted by spectres from the civil war; Cavaliers have been seen in and around the village.  There are claims that they haunt the village pub, but the owners haven't seen any ghosts.  A ghostly coach with a beautiful lady peering anxiously out of the window has been seen dashing through the village.    On the Newland road lies Swan Pool, created to provide power for the iron smelting funaces in the village. It is said that the cries of a child have been heard here, and the figure of a woman with a baby in her arms emerges from the water, covered with slime and dripping weeds. A large black dog then rushes out of the lime kilns in the wood, circles the pond once, then slinks back to its lair.

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