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Friday, 22 October 2010

Blackness Castle - Sterling, Scotland

Erry up its cold!!

On our way back across the Forth Bridge I spotted a sign for Blackness Castle, that rang bells with me and we decided to have a drive down to it. 

The winding road went on forever! Eventually we arrived, at the ticket office and we were met by a nice Scottish man dressed all in green tartan. I needed my memory jogging regarding any paranormal information and warned my better half to hide his humiliation at this request. The Scottish chap obligingly offered us some tales and continued on with a lengthy pitch about its paranormal pleasantries and unpleasantness. "She was chased out of the building by the jailer you know!" And out he popped a copy of Richard Jones book, "Haunted Britain and Ireland." Yes! "I have a copy too!" I said and thanked him for jogging my memory.  

I have to say, this was the first castle I had ever visited that was in the shape of a ship, very odd! As I looked out of the window out on to the windy firth of forth estuary, it made me want keep looking over my shoulder as I felt like I was about to be shoved out of it at any second.  The courtyard was tricky underfoot and I was precariously walking over the outcrop hoping that my twisted 'tennis injury' ankle wouldn't play up again. 

People have heard unexplained banging and furniture being dragged across a floor, areas that were totally unoccupied. An angry knight is said to have chased a visitor out, some say it's a jailer as the castle used to be a prison, there are differing stories to this, but they all sound great!

Blackness Castle

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Double Glazing?? No! go away we don't need any thanks ;)


Angry Knight
Location: Blackness - Blackness Castle
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: 1990's
Further Comments: This vexed spirit chased a female witness out of the castle during a sightseeing tour. Banging sounds have also been reported, with no source ever being found.