Graded locations

Listed buildings are graded in each location in this blog. Eg. Grade I, II* II of grade I is of most importance. Grade A relates to Scotland. See BLB

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Byland Abbey, North Yorkshire

This is one of the very first locations I went to on my paranormal journey.

Name: Byland Abbey
Locality: Wass, North Yorkshire YO61 4BD
Built: Late 12th century
Owner: English Heritage 
Grade I
Website: EH

Alleged manifestations: 13th century UFO sighting, a ghostly monk.
Alleged ghostly anomalies: Being touched.

In the 13th century a large silver disc was seen in the sky above the abbey. It is chronicled in the William of Newburgh reports that the abbot was about to say grace when one of the monks ran in announcing 'there is a great portent outside'. According to manuscripts it was frightening and the greatest terror.

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