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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Days out - Jervaulx Abbey

I found a magical quality to these largely untouched ruins in the Ure Valley. We went on a lovely summer's day in August. You can admire its picturesque setting amongst the grazing sheep and the grasses and flowers which still grow high up on the walls. An artist sits and sketches the view of this romantic English ruin. Jervaulx is privately owned, but always open to the public, there is an 'honesty box' in which to pay for entry.

For the paranormal investigator, the remains are not without interest, especially at night, the grounds are so very quiet, you would certainly hear ghostly goings on easily here, not that there are any, there are no reported ghost sightings that I know of, apart from my own ;-) The abbey is slowly disappearing through weathering, but there are some interesting monuments left which are dotted around the main entrance. As I try to photograph the abbey, I see little children play, it’s a perfect place for hide and seek games. Spirit the only manifestation of that name here (our dog hehe) loved it, I could have stayed the whole day , either sketching painting or writing.

You can find Jervaulx Abbey Four miles northwest of Masham in North Yorkshire.

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