Graded locations

Listed buildings are graded in each location in this blog. Eg. Grade I, II* II of grade I is of most importance. Grade A relates to Scotland. See BLB

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Do Something That Scares You!

Don't let fear paralyze you. The scariest paths often lead you to the most exciting places. I sit on an old stile, listening to the town hall clock chime as I soak in the pleasant sunshine. It's not until I enter the woods that something overwhelmes me; being alone, in a wood, I feel eyes upon me, I know it's psychological, I have heard about those stealth campers who hide in the undergrowth. ;-) alas they are very nice people, but some people aren't and I hope I don't bump into a chav with a devil dog. I enter an old abandoned graveyard that is completely overgrown with weeds, only the eyes of the dead will be upon me in here. I walk down a hill, I find the ruins of old 18th century mill workers cottages, what still remains pokes out of the undergrowth. Then to the deepest part of the wood.. who knows what's lurks down there..