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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Scarborough, North Yorkshire

© Paranormal Places UK -  Scarborough Castle on the hill. 

Ayton Castle, West Ayton

Name: Ayton Castle, 
Locality: West Ayton village, Scarborough
Built: Late 14th century
Grade I

© Paranormal Places UK -  Ayton Castle

Ayton castle was literally just behind where we were staying (Sept 2015). I managed to capture the ruins just as the sun was setting, so the light was fabulous. We couldn't enter the building as there were padlocks on heavy iron gates, although you could see inside easily. The castle is surrounded by houses, but it is a very quiet spot, the path leading past it heads down towards the River Derwent. No paranormal reports.

Other paranormal accounts of interest in this locality.

Crimson Lady 

Location: Ayton (Yorkshire) - Crossroads in the area
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: Unknown
Further Comments: Two phantoms were reputed to haunt this crossroads. A crimson lady (who is now likely redundant) would scare passing horses by leaping out at them. The second ghost, a pale woman on horseback, would scream at witnesses, and was said to chase passing cars.

© Paranormal Places UK -  Ayton Castle

© Paranormal Places UK -  Ayton Castle 'What's in ere.. sniffs"

Anne Bronte's Grave

Anne Bronte on wikipedia here

© Paranormal Places UK -  Anne Bronte grave

As we walked up the hill towards the castle, we saw a sign for Anne Bronte's grave, so I thought I would take a photo, then we went into the graveyard, sat on a bench and had coffee from a flask. The view was fantastic, a wide expanse of sea surrounded the coastline 180 degrees.

Scarborough Castle

© Paranormal Places UK -  12th century Scarborough Castle

As a scheduled monument the castle is a 'nationally important' archaeological site.

The castle was in silhouette as we walked up to it, up close its stone was pitted with years of weathering.  After photographing this great pile from every conceivable angle, we decided to head up into the its interior. A hen-pecked husband willed his wife to go up the steps, she refused, "I'm not going up there, you can go on your own, I can't be bothered!! Words to that effect and she stomped off in a mood and continued to guzzle on a sugar laden drink. Stopping myself short from shouting out to her, "Get your butt up there you miserable lazy cow!" But no, I am way too polite. Well, she was missing out on some fabulous views, her loss!

© Paranormal Places UK -  Scarborough Castle

I did hear a chink sound whilst in the ruins at the bottom of the field, I thought it was our dogs collar, but looked and there was only me there, as my other half headed off down the hill; however there was somebody over the wall but a good few metres away.

© Paranormal Places UK -  Jules at Scarborough Castle

I recalled this video by Richard Felix on his visit to Yorkshire on his National Ghost Tour of Great Britain, he spoke of the ghost of Piers Gaveston, who was apparently seen in the castle (where I am stood) peering out of one of the top windows looking out to sea. He also mentioned that an English Heritage employee had seen a photo of a...'wait for it'...a large orb near the ruins at the main entrance, 'Oh here we go.. bloody orbs' of course I am skeptical of these stories. In all honesty, the cynic in me doesn't for one minute believe these to be remotely spectral, ghosts..? Narr.. it's just a pile of old stones and a field.

There is a organised free walk around the castle with a geeky lad from English Heritage, if you can tolerate his annoyingly loud repetitive voice, which echoes around the whole place, I am not will hear him before you see him... it's worth a try.

© Paranormal Places UK - Scarborough Castle



King Richard III Restaurant and Pub
© Paranormal Places UK -  King Richard III pub
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Name: King Richard's House
Locality: Sandside, Scarborough
Built: House of medieval origin traditionally associated with King Richard III
Owner: Private
Grade I 

One of the oldest buildings in Scarborough, it has long been speculated but never yet proved whether the so called Richard III house at Scarborough Sandside belonged to Thomas Sage, who certainly had property in that area, King Richard gave a charter to the town in 1485 which would have made Scarborough a county. No paranormal reports.

Grand Hotel, Scarborough
Copyright Paranormal Places UK
Built in 1867 to accommodate for most noble of guests. It was one of the largest hotels in the world with 365 rooms representing each day of the year.

Today, visitors have commented on strange encounters and some have even left after witnessing items flying across their rooms and objects falling from walls, doors vigorously shaking and knocking with no one on the other side. Sounds of screaming, singing and laughter are heard and most commonly old fashioned music. Various apparitions are seen but none more so frequent than the lady wearing a long red dress.

Scarborough borough council building
Copyright Paranormal Places UK

An interesting building, Jacobean style architecture, so I thought I would photograph it as it reminds me of Blickling Hall in Norfolk.

We also went to see the Goldwing bike festival and the fireworks, if you are interested in seeing all my photos go to my google collection