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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


The Phantom Monk of Thetford Priory - Norfolk.

Thetford Priory

JPTUK journeyed on, once again to Norfolk, it is one of my favourite counties in the UK.

I take a collection of paranormal related books with my on my travels, flicking through the pages of  'A ghost hunters guide to Norfolk', my memory was jogged by a story told by CJ Romer, some of you old school investigators and paranormalists may remember the parapsychologist who featured on 'Ghost hunters' a UK TV show, episode: 2.1 (7) Ripples in Time, (Timeslips) which was aired in 1996 'pre-most haunted'!  As it states in the book, 'a respected paranormal researcher (also patron for jptuk) began a lifetime career and interest in ghosts' [sic] after what happened to him and some pals back in 1987; him and his four friends have various personal accounts of what they saw, a phantom monk and staircase. 

The area where the phantom staircase and monk was seen
Thetford Priory just within walking distance of the town centre, it is a quiet and tranquil place, an English Heritage 'freebie' so you can investigator at night.