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Saturday, 25 June 2011


We were very privileged to have the whole of the Chatsworth country estate to ourselves day and night, as we were staying there for 5 days. We decided to pay Eyam a visit.

At the heart of Derbyshire's haunted heritage is the quaint and very haunted village of Eyam.

Eyam (pronounced 'eem') is well known because of its association with the bubonic plague. The local Vicar, Rev Mompesson, organised the quarantine of the entire village of Eyam in 1666. Food and other essentials were left at a well (Mompesson's well) in order to avoid spreading the plague. Many people lost their lives and the village is a testament to their deaths.

There has been a huge amount of sightings and incidents occurring in the village. The Miner's Arms pub, is allegedly one of the most haunted buildings in the village. Footsteps have been heard upstairs and there have been strange occurrences in the bedrooms, causing some guests to leave in the middle of the night!

One of the plague cottages is apparently haunted by a pleasant faced lady in a blue smock, who has woken the owners in the middle of the night!

Eyam Hall was built between 1671 and 1676 and incorporates part of the earlier, smaller house. The property is in the hands of the Wright family who have owned the Hall since its construction. Ghosts - Eyam Hall has Sarah Mills, a young servant girl who drowned in the well. In an upstairs room, it was so repeatedly visited by the ghost of an old man that the door was permanently locked!

Plague Cottage

Plague Cottage

Plague cottages and graveyard

Eyam Hall and stocks


daryl flowers said...

i have just recently been there, last Friday night, got there around 10 at night and i've got some awesome pictures and a picture of which seems to be a ghostly figure coming at me, any other good experiences that you have please email me

DJ Jules said...

Would be interesting to see the pictures Daz

daryl flowers said...

I can send you them by email, see what you reckon?

DJ Jules said...

Thanks yeh Daryl send them to