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Sunday, 14 February 2016

A SKEPTICS FIRST GHOST SIGHTING - Fountain's Abbey, North Yorkshire


Taken Feb 2016

Allegedly... a ghostly choir has been heard chanting in the Chapel of Nine Altars but there are more ghostly happenings in nearby Fountains Hall.  The hall built by Sir Stephen Proctor is said to be haunted by the blue ghost of his daughter who witnessed his evil doings and remains at the hall for eternity. An Elizabethan man has also been seen emerging from the panelling in the stone hall.

Photography - copyright Paranormal Places UK

Name: Fountain's Abbey
Locality: Fountain's Lane, Ripon HG4 3
Built: 10th century
Governing body: National Trust
Grade I
Website: NT

Fountain's Abbey was full of surprises one Sunday afternoon. We were visiting with no intention of seeing a ghost. But I did actually see something that day, just a normal day out with hubby and the dog. It was a glorious sunny summers day, we went to Fountain's Abbey in North Yorkshire England, the place was packed, folks having picnics on the grass and stuff.

This building is where I saw my first ghost? But I am a rational skeptic? I saw it. 

We decided to go in an old barn that had been converted into mini history museum (today it is a cafe) about how the Cistercian monks lived and worked, no one else was in the building except me, my better half was waiting for me outside with the dog. Ghosts and haunted was the last thing on my mind that day, it was blistering hot and my thoughts were more on ice cream.

The old barn
Inside this tiny barn I was in all on my own; I walked around reading the bits on the history of the place, when... I saw for a split second but long enough to gain a description of him a man .. crouched over working on something, he was wearing what looked like a leather waistcoat, it was really weird.

I am rationally minded, did I see a ghost? I saw a guy in a waist coat for a split second, no idea how I managed to see something that wasn't there. 

Just like what I saw for an instant, but more from the front.

Fountains Abbey

The cloisters