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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

MR BOOTS AND AMBULANCES - Edinburgh Vaults - Cellar, tunnel, cave, underground in Scotland



I had travelled the best part of 200 miles to visit the vaults, we met up with Mercat Tours, it was a daylight tour, call it what you will. We spent the first quarter of it stood in the wind and the rain, listening to the guide who looked like a headmaster, until he decided to take us down one of the closes for shelter. He spoke about the history of Edinburgh and the shit filled buckets that could be emptied over your head if you didn't make your presence known in the street below. 

We proceeded into the vaults. We passed around an old heavy kettle, I'm sure some were enjoying it for the history, but I was miserably bored. I was disappointed at the size of the Blair street vaults too. Frustrated, I held back from the rest of the group and began wandering around on my own with my camera, one or two folks kept looking over their shoulders at me, probably wondering what I was up to.  Two cellars away from the rest of the group, I quietly stood right in the far corner in the cobblers room next to a candle on the wall and felt rather naughty in the darkness, like a skiving child, I waited for the cobbler to tap me on the shoulder, but he didn't. 'Was the vaults really haunted?'  Not so much as a sniff of boot polish from Mr Boots size 11's only the sound of drips of water coming through the walls. 

It was ok I suppose, if you don't mind parting with a few quid for a couple of hours. But, I was desperate to have the place to myself. Hayhoa.

The most shocking thing of all was our exit out of the vaults, to be confronted with ambulances and on-lookers and a very large guy laying on the cold street having what looked like a heart attack and receiving a heart massage from the paramedics, it didn't look good. Poor guy.

Edinburgh valuts 1

Location: Edinburgh - Vaults beneath South Bridge
Type: Haunting Manifestation
Date / Time: April 2000
Further Comments: A number of experiments carried out by Dr Richard Wiseman to investigate the alleged haunted vaults resulted in one participant being reduced to tears after hearing heavy breathing in an empty vault. Another person reported seeing a ghostly figure in an apron walk past.



Unintentional photo (above)

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