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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Edinburgh Castle

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Looking down into the cellars

Edinburgh Castle is built on top of an old volcano!

The sun trying to come through the cloud makes the castle look eerie.

In the cellars

The skeleton of a soldier, one of 15 found recently in another part of the castle.
The evidence indicates that the dead were all victims from the 1689
siege, who may well have died here in the cellars.

Superb carvings and gargoyles

Edinburgh Castle is allegedly haunted by several ghosts, a headless drummer as been heard and seen in the 1960's, his apparition is said to be a warning to all that the castle is about to be besieged.  A piper went missing down a tunnel towards Holyroodhouse and was never seen again, but people still hear the pipes.  There is a dog cemetery at the castle, a spectral dog has been seen here. Ghostly prisoners are said to haunt the cellars. 

More information: Guide to castles - Edinburgh Castles ghosts 

Viscount Dundee
Location: Edinburgh - Edinburgh Castle
Type: Crisis Manifestation
Date / Time: 2000s
Further Comments: Viscount Dundee was seen by Lord Balcarres while the lord was held in the castle. He later discovered that the Viscount had died at Killiecrankie around the time of the sighting. Note that Colinburgh Castle also claims this event for itself. A phantom drummer has been reported at the castle, said to forewarn of bad news. This ghost was blamed when the arms of a tunic on display apparently moved as if beating an invisible drum. Early in the twenty-first century, a group of workmen claimed to have photographed a glowing ball of light, though the image looks more like the reflection of the flash in glass.

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maybe i´ve got drummer´s head and an axe captured on foto.
edinburgh castle, 13.01.2011 oldest part of the cellars.