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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Aberconwy House, North Wales

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Conwy is a glorious town and it boasts not only a marina but a massive castle built by Edward I and two excellent haunted houses nearby; Plas Mawr and Aberconwy House.

After I quick wander around the exterior part of Plas Mawr house, we walked only a few metres down the same street to Aberconwy House. What could be more convenient! Having not one but two haunted houses in the same street! Aberconwy house was a 14th-century merchant's house known to be one of the oldest recorded houses of its kind anywhere in Wales and probably one of the oldest haunted houses around.

It has probably got ghosts from three different times in history, the Jacobean the Georgian and the Victorian; lots to go at there then! But it is the wife of the first owner who frightens people the most, she has been seen near the fireplace and wafts pleasant flowery perfume in the loft area, she has been seen near the fireplace.

A man in Victorian attire has been seen wandering down the Victorian corridor, apparently he just disappears into thin air; nicknamed Mr Jones because between 1850 and 1880 a Mr Jones lived there with his lady wife. People say that he died on the same day his seventh child was born and they think it is he who haunts the Victorian corridor.

The floorboards creak and doors rattle all the time, plates and pens move in their displays most nights on their own. One employee said that she had her hair platted in the Victorian Bedroom! It is a creepy little house because it has no overhead lighting. If you fancy a visit there, don’t be surprised if you get a door slammed in your face!

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Anonymous said...

I took a number of pictures outside aberconwy house in 2006 and one have them had this bright light in. When you zoom into the light you can see a man's gave in it and it's very clear:

I no longer have the memory card, but sent the photo into BBC Wales, link pasted above.