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Thursday, 10 September 2009

The Muckleburgh Collection, Norfolk - Military museum

We arrived at The Muckleburgh Collection in Weybourne on a sunny afternoon, as we drove in the first object to catch our eye was a German V2 rocket nicknamed the ‘doodlebug’ a truly horrifying machine in it’s day; it stuck the fear of God into the British people in WW2 in the 1940’s, it flew over Britain at a speed of 400 mph then it would suddenly become silent mid air, this was when it exploded killing hundreds of people on the ground below.  Inside the building which was originally the old NAAFI was a plethora of exhibits and photographs.  I was taken aback at a life size horse called ’Copenhagen’ that was ridden by Duke of Wellington in the battle of Waterloo it was a mighty 17 hands or more. I walked round for a short time but found myself skipping impatiently into the artillery hall and then the Robert Curson tank hall where unexplained cold spots have been felt  also odd pinging sounds have been heard coming from the Russian T 34 tank like the engine has been running. I wrapped with my knuckles a couple of times on the Panzer tank and asked out for spirits, Richard was grinning at me from across the room keeping lookout for members of the public coming in. I announced to everyone including the spirits that this was a pointless exercise as I couldn’t hear a damn thing for the loud 1940’s music that was ringing in my ears. Whilst in another area of the building where the medical exhibits are I did hear a tapping sound on one of the glass panels, but it was rather breezy that day.  The only spirit I heard that day was our dog barking his head off in an even draftier kennel.  We then decided to go to the restaurant for a cup of tea, someone saw a part manifestation of a ghost in that room. Our pots of tea arrived and the largest chocolate cake I’d ever seen in my life appeared our of the chiller of which I had a slice... and the meal portions there were scary!

Other occurrences that have happened here are Spirit lights seen moving outside by a WW1 pill box, said to be the spirits of some military girls killed in action, strange movements have been heard in the artillery hall, an iron gate was heard slamming in the restaurant, people have heard footsteps walking down the long corridor. Groans and screams have been heard coming out of a military ambulance, people often see unexplained shadows, poltergeist activity has been witnessed in Berry Savoury’s office which is right at the end of the long corridor.
One other interesting note but not of the paranormal kind is that of an exhibit at Muckleburgh, is that of an 88mm flak gun that was actually used in the band of brother series.

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