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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

Name: Felbrigg Hall
Locality: Felbrigg, Norfolk NR11 8PR
Built: 1621-24
Owner: National Trust 
Grade I
Website: NT

Felbrigg Hall is a lovely 17th century building in the Jacobean style, it has a fabulous walled garden and orangery and the estate is large stretching over two kilometres.  The spirit that is still said to roam the hall has something in common with me, it has a love for books.  William Windham III inherited the house and its estate in the late 18th century, he adored books he spent most of his time in the halls magnificent library.  Unfortunately his friends library went up in flames whilst he was visiting, William tried to help in getting one of the collections out before it was destroyed, but he got caught up in the destruction, some timbers fell on top of him and he was seriously injured, the operation on his battered body wasn’t successful and he died.  William’s spirit still visits the library but only when no one else is about apparently, he takes a disliking to visitors preferring to wait until everyone leaves and goes home.  His spectre has been known to appear when books are set out on a table in a certain way.  

His spirit has been seen quite recently at Felbrigg Hall.  Staff report tables and chairs moving about near the shelves in the library.