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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Photo by Jules

Name: Berry Pomeroy Castle
Locality: Berry Pomeroy, Devon TQ9 6LJ
Built: Late 15th century
Owner: English Heritage
Grade I
Website: EH

Number of ghosts: Rumored 5
Ghost: Lady Margaret Pomeroy (the white lady)
Area of haunt: The dungeon under St. Margaret's Tower and rises up the tower
Ghost: A guard holding a lantern
Area of haunt: see near the tower
Ghost: An old lady who shouts 'beware the hour'
Area of haunt: Castle grounds
Ghost: The blue lady
Area of haunt: All around the castle

We arrived at Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon on a cool and overcast day.  I had been looking forward to seeing the castle up close and for real. I had heard so many chilling tales about the place I just had to visit. It is said that the ruins of this very old castle are among the most haunted in England.

I couldn’t get my camera out of my bag fast enough, but was disappointed to find scaffolding and workmen working on the west wing. 

There wasn't many people about which was good. Having a spooky place all to yourself these days seems to be a bit of a rarity.

It didn't take us long to find the well spoken about ‘tower’ where many people have witnessed apparitions. This was supposed to be the most active place in the castle. 

I eagerly descended the stone steps into the dungeon, this is where Lady Margaret Pomeroy was imprisoned by her sister and starved to death in there, she is known as the White Lady.  

It wasn't as dungeon-like as I had expected, not an underground pit with chains on the walls and infested with rats, but more like a cellar where you could see through the bars into the woods. It was a very small room only about 10 x 10 feet  it was very cold moldy and damp though. I sat for a while and listened for any creepy footsteps, nothing. No dark shadows, screams  no blue lights or thuds, no white lady who haunts this tiny dwelling, maybe she doesn't come out during the day.

The dungeon

My male counterpart didn't even get lured to his death by the famous ‘Blue lady’.

We then went for a wander down into the woods, I wanted a really good photo of the place from the bottom, I wasn't disappointed, the crumbling stone towers slowly loomed out of woodland as we reached the bottom. (top image) It was a creepy place down there, I’d say more creepy than the castle itself. Fortunately we wasn't pounced on by the alleged elemental beast down there, although I sensed we were followed down there, but I put it down to my fanciful imagination.