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Saturday, 8 March 2014



Name: Levens hall
Locality: A6, Levens, Cumbria LA8 0PD
Built: 16th century
Owner: Bagot Family 
Grade I

I have been to Levens Hall on a couple of occasions, the first time was when a TV production company called Dreamscope Productions contacted me, they wanted me to help them out with a paranormal documentary they were filming there called 'Into The Unknown'. Toby my paranormal cohort (who is no longer with us)helped me out with the piece to camera as I couldn't do it because of a dental problem I was having (lol) but anyway, he was better at it than I was, he would have made a very good tv presenter, which he wanted to be. I much prefer to by behind the camera blending into the background. The second time was when I was with my partner, I remember it being a very nice warm sunny day, everyone was in the garden admiring the topiary carvings, when I heard Susie Bagot's voice coming around the corner, she owns Levens Hall and she is a very recognizable character, guess what she was talking about? The house is lovely but the garden is really fantastic!

Levens Hall

Location: Cumbria, England

Built: 1694, there has been a dwelling on the site since 1350

Ghostly manifestations: There are several ghosts, The Pink lady, black dog, grey lady (gypsy).

Ghostly anomalies: The ghostly black dog occasionally makes solitary appearances running playfully in-front of visitors as they walk the stairs for it only to disappear without trace, then re-appears close to their feet for them to nearly trip over the dog. Desperate attempts are made to avoid stepping on him then he simply vanishes into thin air once again.

History: The first dwelling at Levens dates from circa 1350, and was built by the de Redman family as defense against the Scottish raiders of the time. It was then a primitive Pele tower, with under-housing for the women and cattle in time of raids, and a large room where smoke from the open fire would escape through a hole in the roof. The medieval structure was built around in Elizabethan times when the Bellingham family created a mansion and beautified it with fine paneling and plasterwork still to be seen today.

The Gypsy of Levens Hall

Levens hall front

Levens Hall on the edge of the Lake District is haunted by a gypsy woman who set a curse on the house, saying that no son should inherit it until the River Kent ceased to flow and a white fawn was born in the park. Levens passed continually through the female line until the birth of Alan Desmond Bagot in 1896, when the river froze over and a white fawn was found in the park. The gypsy woman has been seen quite often on the back drive and the bridge over the river. Besides its resident ghosts, Levens Hall, still home of the Bagot family to this day, is well worth visiting for its gardens, which include the best, the oldest and most extensive topiary garden in the world. Apparitions have been Seen in both the house and the gardens.